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Our Services

A complete range of services to help your business grow and gain new markets.
With more than a decade of experience, our strong local teams can support you on commercial and financial to help your business grow and gain new markets.

Representative Local Office

Market research

Market evaluation, brands information, prices, market demands, rules and regulations regarding imports and exports of your specific products, etc…

Business partners

Finding suitable business partners for your company such as potential buyer.

Business Meetings

Conducting business meetings with your counterparts and taking care of all the negotiation and correspondence activities with clients.

Local Offices

Taking charge of all the necessary office setup with a strong local team.

Exhibition & Fairs Support

Exhibition presence

We find for you the best Exhibitions in Middle East


We invite potential buyers to meet you

Event Organization

Hotel reservation and airport pickup services, Employee Recruitment, Insurance, Governmental fees, Security, etc…

Stand Management

Space organization, Stand Design, Trade Show Displays, Stand Construction, Stand Set Up, etc…


Commercial & Financial Support

Local Presence

Our strong local teams can support you with local referents to collect the requests suitable to obtain strong relationship with potential clients.

Commercial Support

With our branches and networks we can offer the best commercial support in different markets as: AZERBAIJAN, PAKISTAN, IRAN, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, TURKMENISTAN and RUSSIA.

Financial Support

Our worldwide experience permit to support the Companies that wants to invest in foreign markets with local banks agreements in order to financing at the best interest rate the buying of all necessary goods.

Technical Support

Technical local presence

A full satisfation with the presence on-site of a technical team to guarantee intallation, after salese and spare parts services.

Spare parts

We can offer you consulting and research of spare parts on international market for: steel plan, oil & gas, machinery, automotive and earthmoving.

Spare Parts

An example on Steel Plan
Countinous Casting line spare parts

Mould for Billets and Slab Section

Mould support oscillator and stirrers

Curved sectors

Cutting Systems

Rolling Mill and auxiliary equipments

Bushing Up to Ø 1550 mm

Rolls and Shafts Up to Ø 750 mm and Barrel Lenght of 1.450mm

Vertical and Horizontal Gear Boxes Up to 11 Tons

Hydraulic units


Recovery of worn parts

Renewing of old Gear-boxes bodies

Gear and Wheels reconditioning

Rolls and Shaft recovery

Equipment revamping

Reverse Engineering

Development of detailed drawings starting from the existing parts

Updating of old drawings and conversion from PDF to DWG files

Improvement of productivity and final quality

DKM GROUP with its on -site service can check and verify the possibility for the productivity and final quality of products.
This activities can be done through the studies of process, automation and mechanic characteristics of the plan and technologies to be adopt to solve possible bottle-necks on plans.
In some case the results were between 8% and 15% of more productivity w In some case the results were between 8% and 15% of more productivity with a totally negligible investment compared to the benefit obtained.
DKM GROUP have its own technologies to improve also the quality of final products with deep investigation starting from the raw material used passing through evaluation of cooling systems and water analisys ending with the control of finishing equpiments.

Efficiency and performance

DKM GROUP in collaboration with the Customers can check and study efficiency of the plan with the verification of all the activities that are taking place in and arounf the line. We take particular attention concerning the maintenance phases and the causes of the unplanned stops of the plan with the verify of a predictive maintenance systems in order to reduce or control the stops of the plant.

Deep studies are make also to understand the differencies concerning the shift teams that are operating onthe plant and the solution to mantein constant as much possibile the productivity. Training and issuing of relative documentation are normal activities that DKM GROUP is use to integrate in the plants in order to obtain the same level of knowledge of all workers.